When is the All American season 3 finale?

Totally hooked on All American season 3? We can’t say we blame you. Although the latest season unfortunately hasn’t been added to Netflix yet, those with cable or access to its home network of The CW can tune in to watch it live. Currently, All American season 3 is airing every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Season 3 focuses on Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) as he returns to his old school, South Crenshaw High, alongside coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs). Like previous seasons, Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan), Jordan Baker (Michael Evans Behling), Tamia “Coop” Cooper (Bre-Z), and Asher Adams (Cody Christian), are featured, among other characters. The series is inspired by the life of former New York Giants football player Spencer Paysinger.

The fifth episode of All American season 3, “How Come,” just aired this past week, so it looks like we’re not even halfway through with the season. As we previously reported, this season is expected to have 16 episodes, just like seasons 1 and 2.

All American season 3 finale date

We don’t officially have an air date for the season 3 finale, but we do have some clues to lead us to believe it’ll drop sometime this spring. If there are no breaks in the schedule, the 16th episode would be released on The CW on May 3, 2021. Fandom, however, reports that season 3 is expected to conclude in June 2021. That said, we can make an educated guess that it will be sometime between May and June.

We’ll make sure to update this article once we get confirmation on the season 3 finale air date.

When is All American season 3 coming to Netflix?

And for those who have to wait until All American season 3 heads to Netflix to be able to tune in, we’re expecting it will be added to the platform in 2021. Since the season is currently airing, we don’t have a release date for Netflix just yet. But of course, we can make a guess.

Because The CW releases are added to the streaming services eight days after they conclude on TV, the latest season of All American should be on Netflix at some point this spring or summer. So don’t fret! We’ll be able to binge the entire new season via Netflix soon enough.

Here’s to hoping the All American season 3 finale is as awesome as the last two. And good news–All American season 4 has already been confirmed!