Will Spencer and Olivia get together in All American season 3?

All American -- "Seasons Pass" -- Image Number: ALA301a_0716b.jpg -- Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "Seasons Pass" -- Image Number: ALA301a_0716b.jpg -- Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

What happened with Spencer and Olivia over the summer on All American?

Spencer and Olivia fans–ship name Spelivia–have been waiting for the two to get together on All American for awhile, and season 3 might just be their time to rise. At least that’s what the tension between the not-couple seems to be heading toward in the season three premiere, “Seasons Pass.”

At the end of season 2, we left Spelivia in a place of companionship. As has been the case since the show’s pilot, Spencer has thought of Olivia in times when other people haven’t. The prospect of being alone for the summer pushed Olivia dangerously close to the edge setting her up for a potential relapse by evidence of her breaking her sobriety and drinking vodka right before Spencer arrives in a surprise visit to her but an obvious choice to him.

Being left alone while everyone’s lives move forward without her is a trigger for Olivia, but it’s Spencer’s assurance that she’s never alone because she has him that seems to set her back on the right path.  Now we’re missing three months of story, so it’s possible that Olivia did secretly relapse over the summer and the two are hiding it but that doesn’t explain the heavy glances, awkwardness, and Spencer’s inability to not touch Olivia when she’s walking away from him.

As a reminder, All American began its series with the prospect of Spelivia becoming a couple and then did a 180 when Olivia thought that he may be her brother. Since then, the two have gone on separate romantic paths with Spencer in an on-and-off again relationship with Layla and Olivia dating Chris and now Asher. As such, Spelivia arguably qualifies as a slow burn ship with the two remaining close, their bond strengthening, and coming back around to a romantic connection they felt for one another that was cut short due to a false assumption.

It’s obvious that something happened between Spelivia over the summer. Their first scene in “Seasons Pass” reveals that they’ve been avoiding each other. Spencer’s been giving Olivia “space,” something she didn’t ask for and clearly doesn’t appreciate since she reacts negatively to it by attempting to run away from Spencer who stops her so they can continue talking.

Whatever did happen was enough for Spencer to be tight about Asher returning a day early from his trip with his mother and for Olivia to be staring as Layla and Spencer reunite. It also seems like this yet to be disclosed event that occurred prior to the Vegas trip gets mentioned multiple times in the episode. A trip that Olivia didn’t go on, and she lied to Layla about the reason why she didn’t.

The Vegas trip put Spencer and Layla on the path of getting back together again considering the implication that they slept together in Vegas and kissed in the season premiere. But regardless of Spencer’s feelings for Layla, his scenes with Olivia have an intimacy to them that don’t read as friendly. The most obvious example so far being the hug the two shared after he told Billy he may have nerve damage from a past shoulder injury.

Judging from Spencer’s reaction, he was surprised to be receiving the hug and then melted into it so much that Olivia pulled away somewhat awkwardly causing yet another instance of Spencer stopping her before she could run away from whatever is going on with them. He asks point-blank if they’re going to talk about what happened over the summer and the scene fades out before we can get an answer, leaving us on tenterhooks to speculate.

I hope this will be Spelivia’s season to rise considering Spencer and Olivia are great together. There’s a softness and kinship between the two that speaks to a bond forged in a quiet understanding of who the other is. While those qualities can be found in the best of friendships, it’s also true that the pair have never had a real opportunity to explore a romance because of misunderstandings and poor timing.

Letting the narrative come back around to the potential of Spencer and Olivia as a couple on All American would be a welcome storyline on the show. There’s just too much chemistry between the pair for the show to not go there at least for a little while. It’d be a waste, if we’re being frank.

However, there is, of course, Layla and Asher to think about. Olivia is still with Asher and presumably was when something happened with her and Spencer. And, in Spencer’s case, he’s trying to rekindle his romance with Layla.

Whatever these two are running from concerning each other is going to get messy quick with this secret looming over their relationships. Hearts have yet to be broken but that doesn’t mean they won’t be. Still, I can’t help but root for Spelivia in the hopes that they’ll figure themselves out and give each other a chance.

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