When is All American season 3 coming to Netflix?

It’s going to be some time before All American season 3 comes to Netflix

It’s time for a new season of All American, and we can’t wait. Of course, the biggest question is when All American season 3 will come to Netflix.

The new season premieres tonight, Monday, Jan. 18, on The CW. You can watch on the channel or via The CW App the following day. The CW App will only have the most recent five episodes that have aired, so make sure you keep that in mind.

There is set to be 16 episodes to the season again. Even with the delayed start, there shouldn’t need to be a reason to change that. If there are minimal breaks, the show can still finish around about the usual time fall shows wrap up seasons.

This is important. The season finale date affects when All American season 3 will come to Netflix.

All American season 3 will likely be on Netflix sometime in summer 2021

The great news is we know the third season will arrive sometime in 2021 on Netflix. We just don’t know exactly when, yet.

The CW hasn’t given any finale dates. Those dates wouldn’t be out yet under normal circumstances, and they definitely can’t be released right now. Filming is taking longer than normal due to COVID-19 protocols.

If the show sticks to the plan of 16 episodes and there are absolutely no breaks to the season, the show’s finale could air on May 3 at the earliest. There will likely be some breaks.

But with that in mind, we’re potentially looking at late spring or early summer 2021 for All American season 3 to come to Netflix. It will arrive eight days after the finale date.

Due to some breaks, plan for summer 2021. If we get it earlier, that’s a bonus, right?

Stay tuned for more updates about All American season 3 on Netflix.