Are Ethan and Amber from Are You The One? still together?


Throughout the eight seasons of Are You The One?, one of my favorite couples to come out of the MTV dating series is Ethan and Amber. Fans will remember the perfect match from AYTO? season 1, and out of the 10 matches that season, these two were seemingly the only ones down for the long haul. If you’re one of the many who discovered this reality show once it hit Netflix in late 2020, you’re probably wondering where the stars of seasons 1 and 2 are today.

As a refresher, let’s look at the list of perfect matches from AYTO? season 1.

Are You The One? season 1 matches

In its debut season which premiered on MTV in early 2014, these were the following matches when it was all said and done:

  • Amber and Ethan
  • Ashleigh and John
  • Brittany and Joey
  • Coleysia and Dillan
  • Jacy and Chris S.
  • Jessica and Ryan
  • Kayla and Wes
  • Paige and Chris T.
  • Shanley and Adam
  • Simone and Dre

Through the ups and downs out in Kauai, Hawaii to win challenges and ultimately find their other half, all matches were found and the cast members won a total of $1,000,000. As you’d expect, not all seasons have ended with the group winning a big bag of money. In Are You The One? season 5, the contestants walked away with $0 in the end!

Is anyone from Are You The One? season 1 still together?

If out of these 10 couples from AYTO? season 1, you were rooting for Amber and Ethan as I was, then you’re in luck. Only these two are still together today! The pair are actually married with two kids, and Amber goes by Amber Lee Diamond nowadays.

Check out an adorable post below of the sweet family enjoying the snow this winter.

While it’s unfortunate no one else from Are You The One? season 1 are still together today, I think I can definitively say that Amber and Ethan make up for that! They’re the cutest.

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