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If you’re a lover of all things reality TV, you’ve likely noticed that Are You The One? season 1 and season 2 are officially on Netflix. Although we wish there was more than just two seasons added to the platform, at least we can feel a bit nostalgic rewatching the hilarious and entertaining antics of the contestants from when the series first began back in 2014.

Haven’t ever watched the show before? Well, I’m sure you’ll quickly become addicted. If you’re here to find out what happens in the end of the MTV show during season 1, we’ve got the information you need. Here are all the matches from the first-ever season taking place in Kauai, Hawaii.

AYTO? season 1 matches

  • Amber and Ethan
  • Ashleigh and John
  • Brittany and Joey
  • Coleysia and Dillan
  • Jacy and Chris S.
  • Jessica and Ryan
  • Kayla and Wes
  • Paige and Chris T.
  • Shanley and Adam
  • Simone and Dre

Considering the entirety of the reality series consists of the group of singles trying to figure out who their other half, a.k.a. their perfect match is, it’s always so satisfying to see who really were picked for one another in the end. Are You The One? pairs up people based on a dating algorithm, and if they’re successful in finding each other’s matches, the group can win up to $1 million. Not a bad deal!

Is anyone from AYTO? season 1 still together?

If you know the season 1 matches and are now curious if any of the couples are still together today, we have some good news and some bad news for you. Unfortunately, only one match remained a couple over five years later, but the good news is that they’re simply adorable together!

Amber Lee Diamond and Ethan Diamond are now married and have two kids! You can see photos of the perfect family on Amber’s Instagram page here.

Not everyone on reality TV will find their happily-ever-after, but Are You The One? has seen a few sweet successes!

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