What Are You The One? seasons did contestants lose?

Are You The One? season 6 - MTVPress
Are You The One? season 6 - MTVPress /

If you’re a lover of all things reality television, then you absolutely must check out MTV’s Are You The One?. The dating competition show just premiered its first two seasons on Netflix this month, so you have no excuse to not start binging!

The series, which started back in 2014, follows a group of singles who are trying to find the one. Through a dating algorithm, the show’s producers decide who each contestant’s perfect match is, but of course the cast members don’t know the results yet.

Throughout the show, the contestants have to mingle and date around until they figure out who their match is. And in the end, if the group is successful in finding their other half, they can collectively win up to $1 million! Although this admittedly sounds pretty difficult, most seasons have won in the end. However, that’s not the case for all of them.

In which seasons did AYTO contestants lose?

If you’re currently watching Are You The One? on Netflix (or just love the show and want to relive some of the seasons), you might want to know which contestants have lost. Fortunately, only one season has lost the big cash prize, along with their chance to find their perfect match. In season 5, the group walked away with zero dollars!

The season, which debuted on MTV in 2017, took place in the Dominican Republic and featured contestants such as Andre, Carolina, Jaylan, and more. In the end, Derrick and Shannon thought they were perfect matches, Joey and Hannah believed they were meant to be, and Tyler and Casandra wanted to be game-over.

Those three couples were incorrect, however, as Derrick’s perfect match was actually Casandra, Joey’s was Shannon, and Tyler’s was Hannah.

Unfortunately, none of the matches from season 5 are still together. Shannon Duffy, who was supposed to end up with Joey Amoia, is actually dating Anthony Martin from season 6 of Are You The One?. They have one children together and are an absolutely adorable family!

I must say, it’s pretty impressive that only one season out of all eight weren’t able to find all of their matches. Although it looks like it’s all fun and games on TV, I’m sure trying to find your perfect match is no joke!

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