Teen Wolf and 5 canceled shows Netflix needs to save

Teen Wolf -- Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV -- © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved
Teen Wolf -- Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV -- © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved /
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6 canceled shows Netflix should save

So many show get canceled every year. In the past, Netflix has saved a few of those canceled shows and given them new life on the streaming service.

We’ve seen this work out great for the streaming service with shows like Gilmore Girls, Lucifer, Fuller House, and more. We’ve also seen it flop, like with Arrested Development or even Designated Survivor. 

Netflix is always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition. Reviving fan-favorite canceled shows is a great way to earn loyalty from subscribers and entertain the masses!

Below, we shared a list of a few canceled shows that we need Netflix to save. Let’s get that list started with High Fidelity starring Zoë Kravitz.

Will Netflix save High Fidelity?

I feel very strongly about this show, and I can’t believe it was canceled on Hulu.

High Fidelity stars Zoë Kravitz, who is a record store owner in Crown Heights. It’s based on the film of the same name starring John Cusack. The series premiered on Hulu in February 2020, and it seemed like a hit with the streaming service. Unfortunately, Hulu canceled the series in August.

I don’t think we’ve seen a Hulu show get revived at Netflix or vice versa. We’ve seen Netflix block canceled Netflix shows from being revived at other streaming services because they are direct competition.

But, I think that it would be great if High Fidelity could be revived at Netflix. Hulu is already done with the series. Why shouldn’t Netflix make it a hit? This show has all the makings of something special, if it only had a bigger and better opportunity to thrive. Netflix is that place.

We’ll let you know if somehow, some way Netflix is able to secure the rights to High Fidelity and make another season of this great show. Kravitz is incredible in this series, and for that reason alone, it would make sense if Netflix could share this show with the masses.

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