5 good Netflix shows to watch if you like Gilmore Girls

GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix
GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix /
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Good Netflix shows like Gilmore Girls

It’s been over four years since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life graced our screens and even more since the original show went off the air. There is no denying that the series is packed with addictive and quirky goodness.

Gilmore Girls, originally created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, chronicled the relationship between mother-and-daughter pair Lorelei and Rory Gilmore and their lives in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. The town was made up of distinct characters— Lorelei with her eccentric fast-talking, Rory with her awkward shyness, Luke with his perpetual grumpiness, Sookie with her clumsy love for cooking, and lest we cannot forget the unforgettable snarkiness of Paris Geller. The show managed to be relatable and entertaining, surviving on broadcast television for seven years before suffering cancellation. Many years passed before the Gilmores revisited our screens with a four-part miniseries.

Inarguably, Gilmore Girls continues to shine bright. The show is a pop-culture staple and has challenged the status quo in a number of ways. It brought strong, liberated women to the forefront without sacrificing their wit or likeability.

Here are five Netflix shows to stream if you are obsessed with Gilmore Girls.

Netflix shows like Gilmore Girls: Virgin River

The Netflix original Virgin River takes place in a small town and follows the standoffish nurse practitioner, Mel Monroe (Alexandria Breckenridge). It is based on a book series with the same name written by bestselling author Robyn Carr.

Although unlike Gilmore Girls, the show ventures off into darker territories as a major plotline lies with the discovery of an illegal drug camp and all of the dangers which arise from it. However, the town of Virgin River is filled with its own little quirks. The townspeople are mostly-likable and there are tons of cheesy romantic plot twists. The show’s main love interest, Jack, even owns his own restaurant— just like Luke from Gilmore Girls. It’s a captivating must-watch and you are guaranteed to fall in love with a character or two!

Virgin River has two seasons so far and was recently renewed for a third season.

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