7 best Netflix documentaries of 2020

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Best Netflix documentaries of the year

The best Netflix documentaries in 2020 fell into a variety of genres. One common thread, though, is their ability to take our breath away.

No one could’ve imagined what the year 2020 would have in store for us. Lockdowns amid a global pandemic left many of us sitting at home, and other than watching entire streaming libraries, what’s a person to do? Fortunately for lovers of non-fiction stories, the best Netflix documentaries in 2020 just so happen to be some of the best ever.

We shared a list of the seven best Netflix documentaries of the year, starting with The Social Dilemma. 

1. Best Netflix documentaries of 2020: The Social Dilemma

While Netflix calls one of its most popular movies a “documentary-drama hybrid,” The Social Dilemma easily earns its place on our list of the best Netflix documentaries in 2020. This scary film shows us the real-life implications of a growing dependence on social media. We watch as internet platforms gather information on us and then shape our worldview based on algorithms.

It only makes sense that one of the best Netflix documentaries in 2020 would essentially become a movement. The fact is that social media isn’t all fun and games. This will become depressingly apparent to you once you’ve finished the film. In the end, you’ll likely be torn on what your next step will be.

And in reality, that’s part of the problem.

2. Best Netflix documentaries of 2020: The Last Dance

While marketing for The Last Dance may focus mostly on sports fans, the truth is that everyone will find this 10-part docuseries compelling. During the ’90s, the Chicago Bulls were the sports dynasty that everyone was talking about. A film crew started following the team in the fall of 1997, and The Last Dance includes this and footage from Michael Jordan’s life.

While Jordan may be the most well-known of the Bulls, many other players also played a significant role during his final season with the team. If you have skipped past this series while looking for something to watch, just know you’re missing out on one of the best Netflix documentaries in 2020. It even won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.

The Last Dance isn’t just a series for sports lovers. It’s also something documentary fanatics will talk about for years to come.