7 best Netflix documentaries of 2020

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Best Netflix documentaries
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3. Best Netflix documentaries of 2020: Love on the Spectrum

While many people seek out award-winning films when craving documentary action, sometimes the greatest offerings aren’t films at all. Like The Last Dance, the show Love on the Spectrum is another docuseries that will have you glued to the TV. This show premiered at the very end of 2019, so we’re including it on our list of best Netflix documentaries in 2020.

Love on the Spectrum is a 5-part miniseries following several individuals living with autism as they search for love. Several of the documentary’s subjects have never had a serious relationship, and a few have gone through life without going on a date. The show also follows some couples – both on the spectrum – as they take new steps in their relationships.

If your idea of the best documentaries on Netflix in 2020 includes “cheering for the subjects” and “getting teary-eyed,” then add Love on the Spectrum to your watchlist.

4. Best Netflix documentaries of 2020: Rising Phoenix

Anyone without a keen eye could watch the first few seconds of the Rising Phoenix trailer and assume it was just another sports documentary. By making it to the 10-second mark of said trailer, though, you quickly understand how the film is one of the best Netflix documentaries in 2020.

Rising Phoenix follows elite athletes who found success in the Paralympic Games. This was a timely release considering the games were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the documentary’s 105-minute runtime, you’ll see nine athletes overcome the greatest of odds. Even if the film doesn’t inspire all its viewers to greatness, it will no doubt touch all their hearts.