5 ways Eleven and Stranger Things is similar to Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix

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5. Untapped power

Jean Grey is an omega level mutant. That means her power level can’t be charted. She’s done things with her telepathy and telekinesis that should be impossible. She can stop Cyclops’ optic blasts from leaving his eyes like it’s an afterthought. She’s saved Professor Xavier’s life by catching a bullet being shot out of a gun. The most impressive thing is Jean’s ability to manipulate things on an atomic level. Jean Grey has become so good that we aren’t even shocked by what she does. If anything, we’re disappointed when she doesn’t do something amazing. That kind of skill doesn’t just come with her powers. She had to practice to get that good.

How does this connect to Eleven?

Eleven has shown that she can do incredible things with her powers. Her feats like stopping Demogorgons in their tracks have been jaw-dropping. And she seemingly does it easily. What’s scary is that we haven’t seen everything she’s capable of. Her adoptive father Jim Hopper doesn’t let her experiment with her powers. He wants her to be a normal kid. However, normal kids can’t slam doors or close gates to different dimensions with her mind. If Eleven was allowed to exercise her powers, she would become much stronger than we’ve seen. She may not become Jean Grey-level strong, but even half of that is game-changing.