5 ways Eleven and Stranger Things is similar to Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix

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4. Leadership

The most notable leaders in the X-Men have been Cyclops, Professor Xavier, and Storm. The cinematic projects may have led people to believe that Wolverine and Mystique have been great leaders. While Logan has been in charge, he doesn’t like to be. In fact, in an issue of X-Factor, he’s admitted he’s not good at it. What people may not know is that Jean Grey has been a leader. Most recently during X-Men Red.

In X-Men Red, Jean Grey made her return to an X-Men team after being killed in New X-Men No. 150. That was in 2004. She came back and was joined by Nightcrawler, Storm, Namor, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Gambit, Gentle, Honey Badger, and Trinary. A team consisting of mutants you may not have put together. Nonetheless, they made for a fun team.

How does this connect to Eleven?

You may not look at Eleven as a leader. She doesn’t really put plans together. Putting a strategy together doesn’t always make someone a leader. Eleven’s strength is leading by example. She’s the first one to put herself in the way to protect people throughout Stranger Things. She’s also willing to do things that others may not. Things like that inspire the people around her. Eleven may not want to be in charge, but she does a great job at it without meaning to do so.