Stranger Things: What would have happened to Barb if she survived?

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Barb goes at the Upside Down solo

Barb’s riding solo, like Jason DeRulo, in the Upside Down. That’s the path you chose for her.

That’s probably the most likely scenario. Remember, Will is also hiding from the Demogorgon, so there’s a pretty good chance that they wouldn’t cross paths. I think Barb, if she could survive the Demorgon initially, she would also have a pretty good chance for survival.

Look, she goes into the Upside Down on Nov. 8, and that’s two days after Will. She, too, would wander around hiding from the Demogorgon and all the other horrors of the Upside Down. Joyce and Hopper would save her when they came in to find Will. They’d maybe even bring a bigger party to rescue them both.

Eleven would be able to locate Barb just like she was able to locate Will.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this path working out well for Barb in the future. In addition to possessing Will, Barb would almost certainly be possessed in Stranger Things season 2. That means there would be two spies in Hawkins, and hopefully, they’d figure out a way to fight off two of the flayed, a bunch of Demodogs, and the Mind Flayer at the gate.

This probably means that Barb dies in season 2, unless they were able to find a way to save her like Will. It’s possible but not great!

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So, that’s it! Barb has survived the Upside Down only to be tortured in a future season.

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