Stranger Things: What would have happened to Barb if she survived?

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Stranger Things - Justice for Barb
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What would have happened if Barb survived in Stranger Things?

Barb Holland is one of the most fascinating “What ifs” of Stranger Things

Today, we’re celebrating Barb Day for Stranger Things Week at Netflix Life.

In the first season of the series, Barb went to a get together at Steve Harrington’s house with Nancy. It’s clear Barb doesn’t want to be there, but she does because she’s a good friend.

There, Barb cuts her hand on a knife while opening a beer. When Steve and Nancy and Tommy and Carol go into the house, Barb sits at the pool waiting for Nancy. Even though Nancy told her to leave, Barb stays anyway, because she’s a good friend.

Well, it’s not the best decision. Barb is attacked by the Demogorgon. Later, we find out that she is killed and is in the Upside Down. Joyce and Hopper find her while searching for Will.

But, what if Barb survived? What if she, like Will, found a way to evade the Demogorgon and survive in the Upside Down long enough to be rescued?

You get to choose Barb’s path and what happens to her.

Let’s go back to that night at Steve’s house. What should Barb do?

Barb leaves Steve’s house before the Demogorgon attacks her

Barb stays at Steve’s house and is attacked by the Demogorgon

All you have to do is click one, and you’ll be moved on to the next phase of Barb’s survival. You can always come back and see what happened if you picked another route for Barb.

There are four possible outcomes for Barb’s survival. Choose wisely!