Stranger Things: What would have happened to Barb if she survived?

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Barb gets dragged to the Upside Down and finds Will

Do you know who else was walking around the Upside Down when Barb was killed? Will.

Well, if Barb survived, there’s a good chance, she could have found Will. Together, they’d be able to keep themselves mentally sharp and find a way out of the Upside Down or wait to get rescued by Hopper and Joyce.

It’d be Will and Barb’s Big Adventure. We’d get books, comics books, t-shirts, and other merch to commemorate this incredible feat! I really wish this is the direction the season went during Stranger Things season 1.

Eleven could have let Nancy and everyone know that Barb was not alone, and they could have assembled an even bigger team to go into the Upside Down.

Or, things could have gotten even stranger. Nancy and Jonathan found a portal to the Upside Down in the forest. If they knew Barb and Will were there, they could have gone in through the tree and saved Barb and Will instead of Hopper and Joyce.

Barb would, then, join Hawkins Heroes in upcoming seasons. She’d be a part of the team, and we’d get to see all the good qualities Barb brings to the table.

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