Which Netflix show is Millie Bobby Brown in?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

What Netflix show is Millie Bobby Brown?

Did you know that Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting after not landing a part on Game of Thrones? She auditioned for the part of Lyanna Mormont, the wise-beyond-her-years and incredibly self-possessed girl who was head of the House Mormont of Bear Island.

The role instead went to 13-year-old (at the time) Bella Ramsey, who absolutely owned the part. As Elle put it, she truly did steal every scene she was in, including the final one where her character died.

Brown probably would’ve been great in that part too, but sometimes things work out for a reason. Still, she was so disappointed in not getting the role that she almost re-considered a career in acting.

Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Instead, she decided to audition for a forthcoming (again, at the time) Netflix original series that was at first titled Montauk. She won the part of Eleven in the hit series that is now known as Stranger Things.

Eleven, or “El” as she is often called, is a girl who has a variety of powers, including psychokinetic and telepathic. She inherited her powers from her mother, but they were enhanced by the scientists who experimented on her at Hawkins National Laboratory.

She escaped from the lab and thanks to her newfound friends, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will (when he returns from the Upside Down, which he does partly thanks to her help), she finds a new life.

Stranger Things wasn’t the first time she played a girl in a paranormal drama series. She also appeared as Madison O’Donnell in the BBC TV series, Intruders, which was about a secret society who, when they die, take over other people’s bodies in a quest for immortality. Madison is one of the people who become “possessed.”

Brown was no stranger to strange scripts, but her role as Eleven on Stranger Things is definitely the one she broke out on.

She’s since gone on to appear in other Netflix movies, including Enola Holmes, and she’s also set to star in another Netflix movie, The Girls I’ve Been.

And of course, she’ll also reprise her role as Eleven in Stranger Things season 4. (When it finally starts streaming, that is. It won’t be coming to Netflix anytime soon, though.)

So thanks for not giving up, Millie Bobby Brown. Us fans are looking forward to seeing where else your career leads you, because we’ve definitely liked what we’ve seen so far!

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