Stranger Things season 4 might have Hoosiers connection

Stranger Things Image courtesy of Netflix.
Stranger Things Image courtesy of Netflix. /

Stranger Things season 4 could find inspiration in Hoosiers

It looks like Hoosiers might play a role in Stranger Things season 4.

There are few things more important to those who reside in Indiana than basketball. Based on a recent image shared by the Stranger Things writers, it looks like we could be seeing some more hoops in Stranger Things season 4.

The writers tweeted out a picture from Hawkins High School about a pep rally happening for the basketball team.

We shared the tweet below!

Hoosiers, which stars Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper, tells the story of a small-town basketball team in Indiana and their journey to the state championship. The movie, which is set in the 1950s, was released in 1986.

Do you know when Stranger Things season 4 will likely be set? 1986!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Stranger Things season 4 will likely reference or pay tribute to Hoosiers in some way.

We know Stranger Things, more than any other show on TV right now, takes inspiration from popular movies and TV shows from the 1980s. How could Stranger Things, a show set in Indiana, NOT find at least a little inspiration in one of the most popular movies about Indiana?

The poster and possible Hoosiers tie-in also give fans an idea about when Stranger Things season 4 will take place.

Basketball season around the United States usually happens from November to March or April. It’s possible that we could see the season begin as early as November 1985, which is about a month after the third season ended. It’s more likely we’ll see the new season taking place sometime in early 1986 through March or even April.

It will be interesting to see if and/or how the delays in production have changed the setting and timeline for the season. We’ll let you know more about that when we find out.

The cast and crew just started filming Stranger Things season 4 again recently.

If everything goes well, we will likely see the new season sometime next year on Netflix.

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