Enola Holmes ending explained

Enola Holmes. Image Courtesy Netflix, Legendary
Enola Holmes. Image Courtesy Netflix, Legendary /

Welcome, one and all! We are here to talk about the ending of Enola Holmes on Netflix. There are going to be some major spoilers ahead, so don’t read this if you still plan on watching the movie.

Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character, the youngest sibling in the Holmes family. Her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) are much older than her, so Enola doesn’t know them very well, but she is perfectly content living with her mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter).

Eudoria has taught Enola skills such as archery, chess, and jujitsu. Enola is extremely intelligent and she defies the social norms for women of the era.

*Spoilers ahead.*

On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Enola wakes up to find that her mother is nowhere to be found. With her birthday presents serving as her only clue, she is determined to find her mother.

Mycroft and Sherlock arrive and the former is aghast that Enola doesn’t wear a hat, corset, or gloves like a proper young lady. When Enola learns that Mycroft intends to send her to a finishing school, she decides to run away to find the missing Holmes matriarch.

Disguised as a boy, she boards a train where she meets the young Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge). Tewkesbury is trying to evade Linthorn (Burn Gorman), an assassin sent to kill him. After Enola helps him escape Linthorn, the pair of them head to London, striking up an unlikely friendship along the way.

Enola continues her search for her mother in London, only to be attacked by Linthorn. She decides that protecting Tewkesbury is more urgent than finding her mother, so she sets off to solve the case of the missing viscount.

After some stellar investigating, Enola finds Tewkesbury and reveals what she believes is the reason he’s being hunted. Tewkesbury is about to be inducted into the House of Lords, and his vote on a controversial reform bill is expected to tip the results.

Enola initially thinks it’s his uncle who was trying to kill him, the pair quickly realize that it was actually The Dowager, Tewkesbury’s grandmother, who had wanted him dead. The Dowager was desperate to keep Tewkesbury from voting on the reform bill, which he supports but she opposes.

After cryptically letting Sherlock know that she’s alright, Enola returns to her lodgings to find her mother waiting for her. Eudoria explains why she left, and why she must leave again; it seems that Eudoria is involved in some kind of revolutionary movement. Eudoria tells her daughter how proud of her she is and Enola embarks on her new life as a detective.

I thought the movie was fun and engaging. I wonder if Netflix will make a sequel, considering that the movie is based on the The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer.

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