5 most underrated Stranger Things characters

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Underrated Stranger Things characters: Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Sinclair, played by Caleb McLaughlin, is a great character, but he’s still a bad boyfriend. He drank all the water!

Of all the members of the Party, Lucas doesn’t get enough credit for all the things he does for the group. Lucas keeps it real, and he doesn’t mince his words often.

Let’s take a trip back to season 1. Lucas wasn’t very trusting of Eleven initially. Why would he be? She was a stranger, basically, with powers.

When Mike was enamored with Eleven and couldn’t see past what she was trying to do, Lucas was able to see through it. He knew Eleven was leading them away from Will, and he spoke up, like a leader.

Over time, Lucas’s approach changed. In the second season, he was honest with Max about everything that was happening. It took a lot of courage to do that when he could have continued to lie.

He also became a little bit softer, nicer and generally more likable. While he’s still a bad boyfriend in season 3, he’s much more laid back and easy-going.

Lucas is also the mastermind behind some of the Party’s key victories, including defeating The Mind Flayer at the Starcourt Mall. If Lucas had not gotten distracted by the fireworks at the grocery store when they saved Eleven, they would have had nothing to use as a distraction against The Mind Flayer, which probably would have meant that they all died.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lucas save the day in season 4. I don’t know how he’ll do it, but we know he won’t back down.