5 most underrated Stranger Things characters

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Underrated Stranger Things characters: Murray Bauman

Stranger Things fans were introduced to Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman, in season 2 when he meets Jim Hopper at the police station asking about Eleven. Fans really got to know Murray when Nancy and Jonathan paid a visit to him to explain what was happening in Hawkins.

Murray is a good character for so many reasons, including his wit, wisdom, the way he can turn a phrase, and disdain for children. And, that’s why it’s so funny in the season 3 finale when Murray needs Dustin and Erica’s help to stop the Russians and avenge Alexei.

There are so many good characters in Stranger Things, and it’s easy to overlook Murray and his impact on the series so far.

There are some key scenes in season 2 and 3 that really stand out to me. The scene with Murray, Nancy and Jonathan at dinner is so good. Watching Murray and Alexei at the fair is even better, and in the season 3 finale, watching Murray, aka Mr. Bunman, interact with Dustin Erica at the Starcourt Mall is Murray at his best so far.

Murray knows how to find information unlike anyone else in the series. He could be a mentor of sorts to Nancy in the future. He’ll also be very involved in the search and rescue mission for Hopper in season 4. Gelman has been upped to series regular for the fourth season.