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Underrated Stranger Things characters: Nancy Wheeler

Nancy is definitely the most underrated Stranger Things character. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for everything she’s done in the series so far.

Nancy, played by Natalia Dyer, is the canary of Stranger Things. She knows when something is wrong, and she isn’t afraid to tell people about it.

In the first season, she knew something was up with Barb immediately after what happened at Steve’s. She starts looking for Barb, and she finds the picture of the demogorgon that Jonathan took. It leads Nancy and Jonathan on a path to helping find Will and stopping the demogorgon.

In the second season, Nancy, still torn up about Barb’s death, brings Murray into the mix after paying him a visit with Jonathan. It’s Murray’s story that gets Hawkins National Lab shutdown, which stops the government from trying to open the gate again after Eleven closes it.

In the third season, Nancy knows something is up with rats in town, and she does something about it and everyone at the stupid newspaper mocked her for it. She knew something big was happening, and she let her intuition lead her to the answer.

When something is up in Hawkins, Nancy knows about it before anyone else and tries to sound the alarm.

Yes, Nancy is the reason Barb is dead. Well, she’s the reason Barb was alone at Steve’s with a cut hand in the first place. If Barb wasn’t there, she’d still be with us. That’s totally a “my bad” for Nancy.

But, Nancy is one character that’s pretty much holding this group together. Without her, the Hawkins heroes don’t get a jump on the Demogorgon in season 1. Without her in Stranger Things 2, we wouldn’t bring Murray into the mix to “expose” what was happening in Hawkins. And, without Nancy in Stranger Things 3, our heroes wouldn’t have been ready to execute their various plans.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to Stranger Things season 4!

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