Is Anne With an E season 4 happening?

Photo: Anne with an E: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ben Mark Holzberg/Netflix
Photo: Anne with an E: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ben Mark Holzberg/Netflix /

Based on a 1908 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne With an E recounts the life of Anne Shirley, a 13-year old orphan. Set in the late nineteenth century, the series follows Anne as she is accidentally adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who initially wanted to adopt a boy to help them on their lineal farm of Green Gables.

Even though the Cuthberts are skeptical of the talkative and imaginative Anne, they quickly grow to love her. As Anne adjusts to her new home, she must face obstacles in her community head-on.

High-spirited and adept at problem-solving, Anne is a great protagonist for young women to look up to. In fact, the original novel, Anne of Green Gables, has been considered a classic work of children’s literature for decades.

Anne of Green Gables is taught to students all over the world, and the book has been adapted as films, theater productions, and television shows.

The story of Anne Shirley is timeless, and Anne With an E is no exception. Ever since it premiered in 2017, the series has garnered praise for its realistic portrayal of the time period, complex character development, and unique departures from the source material.

Season 3 of Anne With an E premiered in 2019, and some might still be wondering if they’ll be getting a fourth season. If you want to know Anne With an E‘s renewal status, you’ve come to the right place.

Will there be a fourth season of Anne With an E?

Unfortunately, Anne With an E was canceled, and season 3 will be the show’s last. Fans were so invested in the series that there was actually a petition going around urging for a fourth season, but to no avail. As reported by Good Housekeeping, series producer Miranda de Pencier took to Instagram to thank fans for their dedication to the show and their efforts to save it. Here’s what she said:

"A letter to our fans: Thank you so much for your tweets, hashtags, DMs, emails, letters, and messages. You have overwhelmed the internet and us! We heard your voices loud and clear (as did CBC and Netflix) from all around the world and we are so grateful for the generous outpouring of passionate enthusiasm for our show. We couldn’t feel more honored, humbled, and deeply moved. As hard as it is to face letting go of things we love (and we’ve loved this journey of making ANNE WITH AN E as much as you have loved watching it) there is just no way to revive ANNE WITH AN E anywhere at this point. It will not happen. So now we need to love all that exists of it and hold onto the joy and hope and wonder the show brought to all of us who worked on it, and all of you who watched it. And when you have a longing for Green Gables, know that you can return to it and it will always be there for you. ANNE WITH AN E will live forever in our hearts – as will you, our beloved fans."

Even if Anne With an E won’t be back for another season, there is bound to be another Anne of Green Gables adaptation at some point. Who knows, with so many shows nowadays getting revived years after they seemingly ended, maybe Anne With an E will be back someday!

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