Save Anne with an E: Petition gets more than 700K signatures

Fans really want Netflix or another network to save Anne with an E

The petition to save Anne with an E and renew the series for season 4 has more than 700,000 signatures!

Anne with an E was canceled prior to the release of the third season of the series at Netflix. It’s probably one of the most popular Netflix shows canceled this year so far.

Since then, fans have been trying to convince Netflix or another network to save the Netflix original series and renew Anne with an E for season 4. This petition is definitely a step in the right direction.

With 700,000 signatures on the petition, surely some network is paying attention and wants to help! That’s the hope anyway.

I don’t know how likely it is that Netflix or another network would or even could save Anne with an E. We don’t know the full story about what happened when Netflix and CBC chose to cancel the series. From what I’ve read, it appears Netflix might have been the one to insist on the cancellation, but we don’t know that for sure. There seems to be some friction on the CBC side of the partnership, although that’s simply speculation based on what’s been published about the cancellation since January.

I’m sure Netflix and CBC could work something out to save Anne with an E and renew the series for season 4 if they really wanted to do that.

We’ve seen passionate fan campaigns work in the past, especially at Netflix. Sense8 was canceled at Netflix after two seasons, but thanks to a fan campaign and millions of interested fans, Netflix was able to give the series a special/series finale/movie to end the series.

There’s no doubt the passionate Lucifer fanbase helped save the series from cancellation at FOX and again at Netflix after the streaming network announced season 5 would be the final season. Now, it looks like the show will be back for season 6.

If you want to save the show, make sure you sign the Anne with an E petition! Again, there’s no guarantee Netflix or another network will save the series, but it, at the very least, shows Netflix and other networks that the fans are interested in another season of the show.