Will Stranger Things season 4 be a Valentine’s Day season?

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Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Could Stranger Things season 4 be a Valentine’s Day season?

Since the end of Stranger Things season 3, fans have been speculating about what the fourth season will be about and when Stranger Things season 4 will take place.

We’ve heard anything and everything from Thanksgiving to Christmas to a full year later. Netflix has not confirmed anything about the new season. The only thing we know for sure is that Hopper is alive.

Recently, Valentine’s Day has emerged as a contender for the time and setting of Stranger Things season 4. And, we’re starting to get the feeling that might be it.

When trying to predict the release date and time and the time of year a new season will be set, it’s always good to look at the upcoming holidays in the show.

While the first season of Stranger Things didn’t focus on a specific holiday, the second and third seasons take place over holidays. Stranger Things 2 was set around Halloween and featured a Halloween episode. Stranger Things 3 was set over Fourth of July in Hawkins and had its fair share of summer vibes.

Why Stranger Things season 4 could take place around Valentine’s Day

There are a few reasons Stranger Things season 4 could be Valentine’s Day season.

First, David Harbour revealed that Stranger Things season 4 was coming to Netflix in early 2021. Obviously, that date has been pushed back with the production shutdown and pandemic. But, there’s only one holiday that makes sense for Stranger Things to revolve the story around in early 2021, and that’s Valentine’s Day.

Had the shutdown not happened, Stranger Things season 4 would have finished filming and would be set for that early 2021 release date.

With all the romance in this thriller, I can see why that holiday would be appealing to the Duffer brother and creative team. And, that leads to the second point.

The timeline makes sense for Stranger Things season 4 to take place around Valentine’s Day. The third season ended in October 1985 with the Byers leaving Hawkins and Hopper presumed dead. Many fans have speculated that the season would be set around Christmas, but I don’t think that will be the case. The reason many fans think that is because of the conversation between Mike and Eleven about Eleven and Will returning to Hawkins for Christmas.

While that might be a lovely start to the season, there’s no way that the show is going to introduce this “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore” tease and then bring all the characters back to Hawkins right away.

Instead, I think they’ll have Eleven and Will come back for Christmas and then take them back to their new home to start the season around Valentine’s Day, which opens up the possibility for Mike and Nancy to come to their new town for the first time or something like that.

Doing something like that would separate the groups again and bring another dynamic to the show. We’d see Will, Eleven, Mike, Nancy and Jonathan teaming up, while Lucas, Max, Dustin, Robin, Steve, and Erica would be left in Hawkins. In other words, it’d be half of Griswold family and Scoops Troop plus Lucas and Max.

The last bit of evidence that Stranger Things season 4 is a Valentine’s Day season is the interesting timing of that teaser trailer that revealed Hopper was still alive and in a Russian prison camp.

When did that teaser arrive? Valentine’s Day 2020.

I might be overthinking things when it comes to the teaser trailer, but when a trailer drops on a holiday like that AND the season was supposed to be released in early 2021 (not spring of 2021), that seems like way too big of a coincidence.

Will Stranger Things season 4 be released on Valentine’s Day 2022?

If Stranger Things season 4 doesn’t restart production soon, a Valentine’s Day 2022 release date is definitely a possibility.

We’re still hoping to see the new season in 2021 sometime, but as we pointed out recently, production needs to start filming soon if a 2021 release is going to happen. Luckily, production is scheduled to resume in September 2020 in Georgia. There are still many question marks about that restart date with the coronavirus cases continuing to climb around the country with schools reopening.

So, that’s the case for a Valentine’s Day setting for Stranger Things season 4! What do you think?

We’ll be sure to let you know the official restart date of filming and the season 4 release date when we find out. Stay tuned!

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