5 Love on the Spectrum facts for fans of the dating show

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Love on the Spectrum is a Netflix series that follows the dating lives of young people on the autism spectrum. The streaming service’s most heartwarming dating show yet, the show was lauded by critics for its portrayal of empathic human connection and its ability to dispel some of the stigma surrounding autism.

The first season of the series premiered on Netflix on July 22, 2020, and fans are eagerly awaiting news about season 2.

Here are 5 interesting Love on the Spectrum facts.

1. Love on the Spectrum is filmed in Australia.

Although most people are now watching Love on the Spectrum by streaming it on Netflix, the series first aired on ABC, a national public network in Australia, back in 2019. The show was filmed entirely in Australia and all participants are Australian.

2. The creator keeps in touch with the cast.

Series creator Cian O’Clery still speaks to the cast members from season 1. Speaking to Salon, he revealed that he talks to fan-favorite cast member Michael most often. Here’s what O’Clery had to say on the matter:

"I speak to Michael probably three times a week — every second day — about something. He’s always got a question for me. We speak regularly and are on great terms. They are all great people and I’m really fond of them all. They all enjoyed the experience and we’re always really keen to hear how they’re going and how things are for them."

3. A few of the speed dating meet-ups were arranged by producers.

While there are many organizations that support autistic people, including programs to help them develop work skills and find jobs, as well as programs for children, there are not any initiatives to help them find romance.

O’Clery admitted that a few of the dating events the singles on the show attended were made possible with the help of producers. This wasn’t to make the experience seem unnatural, but because nothing of the sort otherwise existed.

4. The idea for Love on the Spectrum came out of making other shows about people with disabilities.

Cian O’Clery was inspired to make Love on the Spectrum after working on the Australian documentary series Employable Me, which shed light on how having a disability should not make someone unemployable.

5. Ruth and Thomas are now married.

In the first season of Love on the Spectrum, viewers were introduced to Ruth and Thomas. When we met them, they had been dating for four years and living together for one. Fans got to see a video recording of Thomas’ touching proposal on his bus full of passengers who applauded the happy couple.

Since the show aired, the pair have gotten married and were able to purchase their dream house by the railway.

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