10 Love on the Spectrum memes that capture all the emotions we felt while watching

Netflix logo (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Netflix logo (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images) /

The Australian reality show Love on the Spectrum debuted on Netflix last month, and it’s safe to say viewers are completely obsessed. So much so, that fans have taken to social media to discuss how emotional the sweet moments made them, as well as making their own Love on the Spectrum memes to demonstrate how in the feels they were while watching.

Love on the Spectrum is a five-episodes series which follows young adults on the autism spectrum, who are navigating through the ups and downs of love and relationships. The show originally was released in 2019, but once it hit Netflix, the Twitter-verse became obsessed.

If you’re interested to know where the cast is now, including Michael, Chloe, Kelvin, Mark, and more, check out this awesome video Netflix just posted here.

As for season 2, we might have to wait a little bit to see more of this heartfelt show. Production has reportedly already started, and a call for applications was posted in June. However, with the safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, we’re not sure how soon filming can take place.

But as we wait for more news, enjoy these Love on the Spectrum memes we’re sure every viewer can relate to.

1. The tears were SO real.


2. Michael stole our hearts.


3. Give Mark his own show!

4. I think we can all agree.

5. Extremely true.

6. There were waterworks every single episode.

7. Many of us would agree.

8. So much of it was so relatable.

9. Twitter, do your thing!

10. Every single emotion was felt.

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