Love on the Spectrum season 2 release date, synopsis, cast, and more

Love on the Spectrum is a Netflix series that follows the dating lives of young people on the autism spectrum. Certainly the streaming service’s most heartwarming dating show yet, Love on the Spectrum has been lauded by critics for its portrayal of empathic human connection and its ability to dispel some of the stigma surrounding autism.

Here’s everything we know so far about Love on the Spectrum season 2.

Love on the Spectrum season 2 release date

As reported by The Oprah Magazine, production for season 2 of Love of the Spectrum has already begun. The series will likely return to Netflix sometime in 2021.

Love on the Spectrum season 2 synopsis

Unlike most dating shows, the creator of Love on the Spectrum, Cian O’Clery, says that the show’s intention was never to help people get married. He explained:

The goal was to show that people on the spectrum do want to find love and have relationships, and bust myths, and also just to help audiences understand more about autism by introducing them to a large group of real people. It was never about expecting people to find the love of their lives and get married. If you’ve never done something before and you’re a bit afraid of it, the longer you take to begin that journey makes the first step even harder. It was about helping people take their first step.

The second season will probably continue to encourage people to try new things, while also introducing us to a whole new round of people looking for a love connection!

Love on the Spectrum season 2 cast

According to Marie Claire, applications for season 2 opened in late June. That means the second season is already in the early stages of production, and the cast is being filled out.

Cian O’Clery explained that future seasons of the show will include many different stories, so don’t expect your favorites from season 1 to be back on the series anytime soon. Here is what he had to say on the matter:

We had a flyer that we would post as far and wide as possible, so people within the autism community could then come to us and express interest in being a part of this series. We had hundreds of hundreds of applications, which showed that there is a real want and need out there.

Looks like fans can expect a whole new cast in season 2.

We can’t wait for more to come from this awesome show!