10 video games that would make good Netflix shows like Castlevania

Castlevania -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Castlevania -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /
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Castlevania - Netflix shows
Castlevania — Courtesy of Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

A list of 10 video games that’d make great Netflix shows

We shared a list of 10 video games that would make great Netflix shows like Castlevania!

Video games have been a hot topic since the 1980s. Super Mario Bros paved the way for games like Sonic the Hedgehog to be more than just playable characters. Both Super Mario Bros and Sonic have been made into cartoons and movies.

Although we try to forget the Super Mario Bros movie, we’ve seen Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Ratchet and Clank make their way to movie theaters as well. Earlier this year, Sonic the Hedgehog hit theaters and was a smash at the box office with $306.8 million dollars with an $85 dollar budget. This proved that with the right cast and creative team, video game projects can become a franchise.

In 2017, Netflix debuted the Castevania animated series. It’s a show based on the classic Nintendo video game with Trevor Belmont leading the way. People have loved it. With three seasons under their belt and a fourth on the way, who knows when this show’s momentum will slow down.

It makes you wonder which video game could be next? There are a plethora of beloved games out there. Both new and old.

Flip through the pages to see all 10 video games we think would make great Netflix shows!

Video games that’d make good Netflix shows: 10. Mortal Kombat: The Johnny Cage story

It’s always weird that the Mortal Kombat story in movies and shows always follows Lui Kang more than Johnny Cage. Lui Kang is definitely the star and the hero, but Johnny Cage is the most entertaining and more popular. He has a lot of layers to him as well. Johnny Cage has more emotions than arrogance. His love for Sonya Blade made him a more humble person, for a while at least.

In the video game series, we find out that Cage ended up going to rehab before he could become a good father to his daughter, Cassie. A story about the present and flashing back to his past would be good for a few seasons. We could see his time as a Hollywood star, father, and how he helped train his daughter to be a great fighter. If it’s successful, it could lead to more Mortal Kombat characters getting shows.