Uncut Gems and the 10 best A24 movies on Netflix

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Best A24 movies on Netflix
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Best A24 movies on Netflix: 8. Good Time

Before the Safdie brothers were making Adam Sandler movies that topped the Netflix Top 10, they were still working their way up. If you’re looking to get a feel for the kinds of movies that the duo makes, Good Time is a great place to start.

Led by chameleon actor Robert Pattinson, this movie creates a tone of unrelenting tension that doesn’t let up until the credits roll. The film is called Good Time, but the title is completely ironic. As Connie (Pattinson) spends a night doing everything he can to get his brother out of jail, you realize that despite good intentions, he may not have what it takes to help his brother.

This movie is not an enjoyable ride, but it is one from which you will learn about human nature and the basic desire to protect those you care about. Pattinson is incredible in what is possibly his standout performance to date.

Best A24 movies on Netflix: 7. The Florida Project

The Florida Project isn’t talked about much in mainstream movie discussions, but it should be. It is about young children growing up in motels in Orlando, Florida, basically under the shadow of Disney World. While there is a place that creates happiness and good times close by, the children are forced to live in poverty.

This movie’s strength is how it is, apart from Willem Dafoe, completely devoid of star power. It follows these children who behave like real-life kids, and not kids who memorized lines written by an adult.

The Florida Project is a powerful and well-done film that is able to encapsulate everything A24 has come to mean.