5 Walking Dead characters who could crossover to Fear The Walking Dead

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Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

AMC’s recent teases of Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 have confirmed that another Walking Dead alum will be crossing over. Are more to come? And who will be next?

In case you haven’t seen the first image from Fear The Walking Dead season 6, it depicts Dwight being reunited with another of his former castmates. And the picture contains quite the spoiler for TWD fans.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Whether it’s been in the cards this whole time or planned since Dwight (Austin Amelio) became a mainstay of the companion series, Sherry (Christine Evangelista) is officially a member of Fear The Walking Dead’s cast. AMC recently shared an image of Sherry and Dwight holding hands in a scene from season 6. The context of said image is unclear, but fans are hoping this is confirmation of their reunion happening. Mind you, The Walking Dead and its companion series are no strangers to dream sequences or hallucinated visions, so be wary of the scene’s real meaning.

While we’re hoping for the best for Dwight and Sherry, we should hold back our excitement. One thing worth pointing out is the image shows them in some sort of lighted tunnel. The electrical aspect suggesting that they’re in a settlement somewhere. And the tunnel gives us the impression they’re inside a government compound, possibly a nuclear reactor. Could they be at the nuclear facility that Grace came from? If so, the situation might be really bad for Sherry.

Another explanation is Sherry was taken in by one of Virginia’s groups. They’re very skilled at raising encampments practically everywhere, so it’s not farfetched to suggest they control the building where Sherry and Dwight are standing. The concern is how Sherry and Dwight will escape with their lives intact.

The bigger takeaway from Sherry becoming the third character to permanently crossover to Fear The Walking Dead is that more are likely on the way. Morgan (Lennie James) seemed like a one-time thing, but then Dwight showed up in season 6, and now Sherry is on her way. All of these instances suggest AMC is planning to merge the casts by including more and more crossovers.

With the potential now open for TWD’s cast to begin adventures in other parts of the post-apocalyptic world, the question of who should crossover next is up for debate. The Walking Dead can’t bear to lose too many of its’ starring cast members, especially with Michonne’s departure coming up, but there are a few characters who could make the trip without being missed too much.

For more, check out our list of which characters we think should crossover to Fear The Walking Dead in the following slides.

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