Celebrate Stranger Things Day with Baskin Robbins flavor USS Butterscotch

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Baskin Robbins is bringing back it’s beloved USS Butterscotch flavor for one day only in honor of Stranger Things Day!

I’m sure all Stranger Things fans know about Stranger Things Day! If not, here’s a little refresher: Nov. 6, 1983, is the day that Will Byers first disappeared in season one of the show. Netflix decided this would be a worthy day to celebrate all things Stranger and “declared” it a holiday (I personally think we should be excused from school and work)!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day, one of which includes bingeing the series! If you decide to revisit those early episodes we know and love, why not stop by your local Baskin Robbins for a sweet treat?

An article from Delish shared that just for today, Baskin Robbins stores are bringing back the USS Butterscotch flavor that was a huge hit during the Stranger Things and Scoops Ahoy takeover this summer around the release of Stranger Things 3.

This is a perfect chance to get your hands (and spoons) into that sweet, toffee swirled, butterscotch flavor in case you missed out over summer! It will probably have you calling everyone a dingus as well (we don’t make the rules)!

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All of the Baskin Robbins Stranger Things inspired flavors they had over summer were so delicious and I was personally a huge fan of the “Upside Down” sundae and the “Eleven’s Heaven” flavor. However, the USS Butterscotch is definitely the standout flavor and is a great way to honor the show and those members of the Scoops Troop who we all know and love.

With today being Stranger Things Day, fans are also waiting patiently for any news about Stranger Things 4! So head down to Baskin Robbins, grab yourself a cup of USS Butterscotch, and keep your eye out for any social media updates!

It looks like we could be waiting a while for Stranger Things 4 to wrap production, but I’m willing to wait a while if it means we’ll get a bigger and better season!

In the meantime, you can also check out a hilarious blooper reel on the show’s official socials! They’re definitely not missing out on the opportunity to give fans the hilarious content we’ve all been waiting for.

How are you celebrating Stranger Things Day? Are you heading to your local Baskin Robbins to grab some USS Butterscotch? Let us know in the comments!

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