The Flash season 6 premiere recap: The countdown to Barry’s death has begun

The Flash -- "Into The Void" -- Image Number: FLA601a_0025b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West - Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved
The Flash -- "Into The Void" -- Image Number: FLA601a_0025b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West - Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved /

The countdown to Barry’s disappearance and the Crisis begins as The Flash Season 6 premieres with a solid and promising episode.

“Just tell me what I can do.”

“To survive? You can’t. In order for billions to survive this coming Crisis, The Flash must die.”

Yes, you heard it right. These words are from the final moments of The Flash season 6 premiere where The Monitor showed up to warn Barry about his fate.

Barry and Iris can’t seem to catch a break. Just months after losing Nora, they now have to fight the inevitable, which is Barry vanishing on the night of Dec. 10 to answer his calling.

The Flash is off to a solid start this season and opened up with a promising premiere last night which put the pieces into the right places for the rest of the first half of the season.

For Barry and Iris, the episode revolved around coming to terms with Nora’s death and we see them both coping with it in different ways. Barry is trying to be extra positive and has been keeping himself busy as The Flash and trying to save as many people as he can to make up for the loss he witnessed while Iris is trying to build her journalism career all while trying to hold on to whatever shreds of memories of Nora that have been left.

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The episode revolves more around Iris than Barry, but because of Candice Patton’s heartbreaking performance, this episode did not miss a beat. Cisco, Joe, and Cecille took the back seat this week as they did not have much to do. They all still had their little moments where they shined.

This season is not wasting any time as the season’s first Big Bad Ramsey Rosso played by the intense and brooding Sendhil Ramamurthy was introduced barely 10 minutes into the episode as a former colleague of Caitlin. We jumped right to his origin story of becoming Bloodwork as his experiment to get rid of fatal cancer worked but had catastrophic side effects on him. The scenes between Caitlin and Rosso worked brilliantly and came off just the right amount of tense, thanks to the brilliant chemistry between these two great actors.

The villain of the week was an accidental black hole created by a genius nerd Chester P. Runk, whose consciousness is the black hole and has been accidentally causing all the chaos. There is not really much to be talked about in regards to this aspect except for the fact that, in order to stop the black hole, Cisco installs tech from Nora’s gauntlet into Barry’s suit aka giving us the new and the best Flash suit to date.

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Barry runs into the black hole with Cisco playing Queen’s “Flash Theme” in the background. It’s a great moment in the show, maybe the best in a while.

We also get a heart-to-heart scene with Ralph and Killer Frost where he encourages Killer Frost to live life and take some time for herself in the driver seat, which led to a sweet moment between Caitlin and her. Caitlin happily obliges in helping Killer Frost do so.

Another one of the most powerful scenes in the episode includes Barry and Iris coming to terms with losing Nora and deciding to get through this loss together and become a support group for one another.

The happiness was short-lived, though. The Monitor disrupts them and delivers the bad news. It certainly seems like WestAllen and Team Flash are in for an emotional and painful season as we slowly move towards the Crisis. While the couple believes there must be another way, The Monitor crushes their hope telling them that Barry can’t survive.

Seriously, this dude needs to get a life and stay away from our favorite Arrowverse heroes.

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