One Day at a Time is coming back for season 4 at Pop TV

ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

One Day at a Time season 4 is officially happening at Pop TV. The network saved One Day at a Time after Netflix canceled the series.

One Day at a Time is coming back for season 4! Pop TV has saved One Day at a Time!

According to a report from Vulture, One Day at a Time moves from Netflix to Pop TV with a 13-episode order for season 4. The new season will premiere on the network in 2020.

All those messages and all the support for this how has paid off! And, it’s coming back at Pop TV for at least one more season. Pop TV is owned by CBS, and One Day at a Time is produced by Sony Pictures, which is credited for making this deal happen, according to the report.

Gloria Calderón Kellett shared the news with fans of the series on Twitter. Check out the announcement below!

One Day at a Time, a reimagination of the classic Norman Lear series, was canceled at Netflix after three seasons as a Netflix original. The third season premiered on the streaming service in March 2019, and it was canceled about a month after the release of the new season.

At the time, Netflix said low ratings were to blame for the show’s cancellation, and fans were not happy with the decision to cancel the series. Fans organized on social media and did everything they could to save the series.

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It looked like there was a chance One Day at a Time could end up on CBS All Access, the CBS streaming service, but Netflix, which had the rights to the series, didn’t want the show to go to a competitor. With the upcoming streaming wars, we can’t blame them at all. CBS is making sure Netflix isn’t getting their content, so why should Netflix let them have Netflix content?

That’s the thinking here anyway, and unfortunately, it’s the fans like us who are right in the middle of it.

I’m so glad One Day at a Time is coming back for season 4. This is clearly one of the best TV comedies of the last few years, and this show has so much heart and is so important in the TV landscape. We need One Day at a Time, and we need a lot more shows like One Day at a Time that encourage diversity and tell great stories.

From the Vulture report, it sounds like the series will air weekly on Pop, which is really cool for fans of the series. They’ll have the opportunity to watch and follow along together. That is one thing that has been missing from a lot of Netflix shows. I like Netflix’s release model, but it does take away from the discussion about new seasons, episodes and all the moments in those episodes.

We hope to learn more about the future of One Day at a Time soon! We’ll be sure to let you know more when we find out.

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