Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Eleven’s second makeover

Remember a while ago when I said Eleven’s first makeover in season 1 would not be her last? Well this is what I was referring to.

In the very polarizing seventh episode of season 2, Eleven finds her “sister,” Kali, who is trying to get revenge on those government agents who experimented on and tortured the members of the group. While ruthless and somewhat psychotic in her approach and ways of completing her missions, Kali is still enticing to Eleven who is finally with someone who can truly appreciate what she had gone through her whole life and because of that Eleven falls into Kali’s gang.

While spending time with them, she gets a punk rock makeover from Kali that mirrors what’s going on inside Eleven this whole episode.

While spending time with this gang, Eleven is dealing with the struggle between doing the right thing and giving in to her anger more in order to get sweet revenge on those that have done wrong. While Eleven ultimately does choose the way of light, she gets closer to the dark side in the episode, and her makeover is the outward manifestation of that transformation.

Eleven gets darker makeup, darker clothes and a darker attitude here (not to mention a cool new catchphrase “bitchin!'”) that fits closer to the 80’s aesthetic of the runaway punk rock, biker chick that Eleven is clearly trying to emulate here.

This is a look that, just like the first makeover, Eleven carries with her the rest of the season and symbolizes another stage in her transformation into her own individual person. It is also a passage towards adulthood and a sign of Eleven’s continued maturity and intelligence towards the outside world.