Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Going back to Hawkins

Episode seven of season 2 is indeed an important episode in the journey for Eleven as well as her growth and the decision, on her part, to decide what kind of person she is going to be.

On a mission with Kali and the gang, they break into the house of Ray, the lab technician who performed shock therapy on Terry (Eleven’s real mom), causing her to forget her daughter. Kali wants Eleven to kill Ray, and despite the terrible things, he has done Eleven refuses. She does this because she realizes that Ray has two daughters of her own and Eleven doesn’t want to create more orphans.

This is a huge decision for Eleven because we see, that at the end of the day, Eleven is a good person who, unlike Kali, won’t go to extreme ends just to get personal revenge. Eleven is already mature enough to be above that.

Later on, at the end of the episode, we get another huge moment when Eleven, after seeing a vision of Mike and Hopper in danger, decides to go back to Hawkins. It is in this specific moment that Eleven reveals who she truly is and what is really important to her. She cares more about the people that she loves than getting revenge for herself. She is more focused on the life she has carved out for herself in Hawkins rather than being consumed by what has happened in her past like Kali.

It is an important moment for Eleven, and when the episode ends and she heads back to Hawkins we know that, despite the two episodes left in the season, that no matter what happens everything will be okay because Eleven’s coming to the rescue.