Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Eleven’s relationship with Hopper

This is kind of cheating because it’s not one specific moment, but the first four or so episodes of season 2 do a deep dive into the relationship between Hopper and Eleven.

The two characters are living in a cabin together out in the woods after Hopper found her when she escaped from the Upside Down. Given the history of both characters (Hopper lost a daughter and Eleven never had a real father) and their age and social differences, it’s not surprising that they form a very father/daughter relationship that, despite their odd circumstances, is actually very normal.

Hopper wants to keep Eleven in the cabin because he loves her and doesn’t want to see anything happen to her if the government were to find out that she is still alive, and Eleven, like any young girl, wants to go out and see her friends.

Their time together in the cabin not only is a great analysis of both of their characters but this kind of relationship as a whole. It is also the setting for many memorable events that I will try to fit all of into one slide.

First, we get the great scene where Hopper comes home to find Eleven dressed as a ghost for Halloween. Not only is this funny and cute, but it also reminds us of how much danger that Eleven is still in, that even if she were to go out undercover she might still risk getting caught and taken away again.

Another great moment is when Hopper first shows Eleven the cabin, and they share a little dance together to some classic music when trying to clean the place up.

While this arc for their characters does end with Eleven running away from the cabin to find her real mother, it is one of the most memorable aspects of the second season of the show.