The Perfection review: 10 most shocking moments

The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /
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The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /

9. Meat cleaver

Lizzie is going insane as she stares at her arm in disbelief, and Charlotte repeatedly telling her “it’s going to be okay” is not helping. At all.

What’s Charlotte’s plan? Make Lizzie go mentally crazy? Kill her? Have Lizzie kill herself? Clearly, Charlotte is the reason bugs have taken over Lizzie’s body, but how did she do it?

Despite everything going on in front of us, the maggot puke, beetles crawling out of Lizzie’s skin, we only have one question: What did Charlotte poison Lizzie with? We don’t get a chance to think clearly, though. With no end to the amount of pests surfacing from her hand, Charlotte hands Lizzie a meat cleaver and says, “you know what you have to do.” Say what?!

When did Charlotte even get to stuff a meat cleaver in her backpack? How did she even know Lizzie would specifically have bugs crawling out of her right hand? We have so many questions and no time to even think about them. The Perfection is nonstop.

8. Hallucinations

The Perfection hits the rewind button as we are taken back to Lizzie’s hotel. And the answer to Lizzie’s sudden illness is revealed to have all been a hallucination. She was sick to her stomach, sure, but the maggots, beetles and other insects were never there.

Ah, so this movie isn’t so far-fetched, after all. Lizzie was simply seeing things (which Charlotte backed up to make Lizzie believe they are real) due to taking the medications Charlotte gave her. Nope, wrong again. We soon learn this movie truly is insane. But hey, at least the bugs weren’t real. Still, this scene will be haunting us for days, especially if you have a fear of bugs.