Netflix canceling Santa Clarita Diet is a really bad sign for other Netflix shows

Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix
Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix /

Netflix canceled Santa Clarita Diet, and it’s a warning to all other Netflix original shows except Stranger Things.

Santa Clarita Diet has been canceled at Netflix after three seasons. This Netflix original series is one of the best so far, so it’s surprising Netflix canceled the series. But, it’s not just that Netflix canceled this show that’s surprising. It’s how they let one of their best shows end that’s such a bad sign for the future of other Netflix originals.

If Santa Clarita Diet, one of the highest-rated and most beloved shows among Netflix subscribers, can be canceled after three seasons, any Netflix show can be canceled, aside from Stranger Things, of course.

We are learning more and more about Netflix’s philosophy in regards to their new shows. After Netflix canceled One Day at a Time, we learned that Netflix values total viewers more than anything, and they are growing increasingly wary of renewing shows past three or four seasons because viewers fall behind and never catch back up by the later seasons.

That’s probably a combination of what happened with Santa Clarita Diet. The third season wasn’t nearly as buzzy as the first two seasons when it premiered back in March, and it’s likely that’s why Netflix abandoned ship, instead of bringing the show back and hoping more people pay attention.

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I understand there’s no guarantee of shows get the ending they deserve. Some shows are canceled way too soon, and others last a few seasons too long. Obviously, I think most fans would choose the show lasting too long than the show getting canceled too soon. Netflix was supposed to be different, though, at least that’s what we all thought. They were the network that gave new life to promising shows that fell through the cracks at other networks or couldn’t get a time slot with the traditional networks.

Now, Netflix is moving closer and closer to becoming a traditional network, or something even more ruthless.

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If Netflix isn’t going to continue their best shows and give them a good ending, it could have an impact on viewers investing time with a series at all. Why start a series if you know there’s a good chance it’ll be canceled without resolution?

Sense8 fans have been screaming about this for years, but at least Netflix recognized their error and gave fans some closure with the special finale. Santa Clarita Diet fans are left on a similar cliffhanger, and there’s no way this show is coming back for another season.

TV is a brutal business, so, again, I understand why Netflix has to do what they do. With the billions they are spending on content, ending their original shows with a special episode or finale is the right way to end their shows.

Netflix has the money and ability to make it happen, and if they truly want to continue to be a revolutionary network, they should make sure the loose ends have been tied up on their shows before canceling them. I’m sure Santa Clarita Diet fans would love to just have one more episode for a little closure. That’s not too much to ask.

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