Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2: Big twists revealed

Photo Credit: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/Jeff Weddell/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/Jeff Weddell/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center /

Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, secret identities revealed and power shifts as the women take control.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 dropped a few weeks ago and if you didn’t binge watch it already, why not? Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched until the end, don’t read any further.

This time, the series heads even darker and a wealth of information and identities are revealed and lives are changed. Some of the reveals I had suspected, not so much on others. Going into this second half of the season, we all had our theories.

So let’s start with my favorite reveal, and one I had long suspected, Lilith a.k.a Madam Satan. Comic fans have speculated since Part 1 that the “witch” that took over Mary Wardwell would be Madam Satan herself. This is a long time classic character from pop culture and from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina graphic novels.

In the CAOS comic series, it is Iola who was Edward Spellman’s girlfriend until he broke her heart for Diana Sawyer. For Part 2 of the TV series, her name is Lilith, and in Part 1, she had previously claimed that she and Edward were “close” so the hints were there.

The writers of the show are using some known mythology again with Lilith because it appears to be the same Lilith who is said to be Adam’s first wife, who left him and then God had to create Eve.

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Actress Michelle Gomez knocks it out of the park playing this character over the entire series. It has been fun to watch her go from mild-mannered teacher to being possessed with a so-called witch, to being revealed as Lilith to becoming Madam Satan.

In the biggest reveal of the season, Sabrina is revealed as the daughter of Satan. We also finally get to see him in his more human form. Remember those flashbacks she had where her parents were with the Dark Lord kneeling and there was a hoofed baby? Turns out there was a very good reason for that, he is her father.

So Sabrina is part human and part magical, just more magical than anyone knew. It will be fascinating to see how that shapes Sabrina and what other powers we will see from her in Part 3.

Nick revealed that her father, Satan, sent Nick to spy on her and influence her. She is of course hurt by that news but he ends up sacrificing himself in order to contain Satan and thus allowing Lilith the become the new ruler and getting the Dark Lord out-of-the-way for now.

Father Blackwood literally lost his mind in Part 2. The more he saw his power slipping away from him, the more unhinged he became. It was satisfying to see the women take him and make him go on the run. He was tied to an extreme form of patriarchy and was trying to regress the church over the season but Sabrina kept getting in his way.

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Zelda did a great job of thwarting him as well and we got to see her rise to power. With Father Blackwood somewhere off with his infant twins, most likely trying to recreate his vision of the world, Zelda takes the helm of the church.

A more nuanced reveal was when Susie came out as Theo. His father’s reaction when he came out was beautiful. You knew Dad was a bit shocked but he was supportive and told his son that maybe they should go for a new haircut, thus celebrating this transition. However, many at the school aren’t on board, and Theo has to deal with harassment and ridicule.

Roz and Harvey hook up. I wasn’t totally hit out of the blue with it but Sabrina seemed to take it way too well. I am still confused by her lack of reaction to it. She was in love with Harvey not long ago and now she is fine with him dating her best friend? Is this indicative of her shunning more human morals and feelings? I wonder if this issue will come back around when the show returns.

So now that the church, Hell and pretty much everything else is being run by women, what can we expect from Part 3? Well the Dark Lord is contained but not dead so they may have to deal with him yet again, Father Blackwood is who knows where and not in a good state of mental health. Basically, the men are down but with anything, they should not be forgotten or underestimated. Either of these two could rear their heads back up and cause future problems.

We do know that the newly formed “Fright Club” plans to rescue Nick from Hell. Sabrina and her friends plan to help watch over Greendale and protect it from evil.

Overall I was very happy with what we saw in this second half and am excited for Part 3 and 4 which are already in the works as announced a few weeks ago.

So what did you think of CAOS Part 2? Were you surprised by some of the reveals? Let us know in the comments section below.

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