Stranger Things 2 recap – Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Eleven meets her sister and is forced to choose between her family and friends in episode 7 of Stranger Things 2.

Eleven is trying to interpret her mother’s flashes of information about her birth and tells her Aunt Becky about the other girl in the Rainbow Room with her. El believes her mother wants her to find this girl, her sister. El uses her powers to place where her sister is, but before she can tell Becky, she finds that Becky is on the phone with the authorities. Feeling betrayed once again, El steals money from Becky’s wallet and leaves.

El takes a bus to Chicago and navigates her way through the rough areas of downtown. As she approaches a large windowless warehouse, El comes upon four thuggish young people; they are every bit as theatrical as they are unfriendly. El refuses to be deterred and says she is there to find her sister. Kali joins her friends and introduces El to the Outcasts, a group of people discarded by society. El introduces herself to Kali by her birth name, Jane, and the two bond over the matching number tattoos.

Up on the rooftop, and away from the other members of the Outcast, El and Kali talk about their powers. Kali’s special ability to make people see things, and convince them that it’s real. Kali believes her abilities and Jane’s abilities would complement each other nicely, and allow them to seek justice for their mother. Kali tells Eleven she’s home now, and Eleven seems genuinely relieved to be with someone who has similar experiences.

Before they head out on their mission to get justice and revenge for their mother, Kali tests Eleven’s powers by asking her to move a train car. Eleven tries to move the car without any success, and it’s not until Kali coaches her to use her pent-up anger to access the power to move that train. Once Eleven follows Kali’s advice, she can move the train car.

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Kali takes Eleven inside and shows her the Outcast’s improvised Most Wanted List: everyone on the list is represented with pictures and information. The people on this list are people who have hurt Kali, and Jane recognizes one of the men from her mother’s flashbacks from the time of her birth. Kali keeps reiterating that it’s their duty to seek justice and asks Jane if she’s all in; Eleven makes the decision to commit to this group and has a makeover before hitting the town.

The Outcast arrive at a convenience and immediately begin robbing it. Eleven has no qualms and immediately makes her ways to the frozen food section for some Eggo waffles. When the convenience store owner threatens to shoot Kali, Eleven uses her powers to save Kali’s life. The group gets caught, and bolts before the cops arrive.

After leaving the convenience store, the Outcasts park themselves outside a house. El uses her powers to see if anyone is inside. She only sees one man, the man from her mother’s flashbacks, and they head inside. Once inside, the non-gifted members of the Outcast begin robbing the place, while Kali confronts this man. The man pleads for his life and tries to negotiate: if the girls let him live, he’ll tell them where Dr. Brenner is hiding.

Eleven is furious and says that her papa is dead. The man again claims that Dr. Brenner is alive. El uses her anger to choke the man, and it’s not until he falls onto the floor next to a family portrait, that she stops and feels hesitation about what they’re doing. It turns out the man has two daughters, they are hiding in a bedroom, and they have called the police. It’s time to bolt, but Kali won’t move until Eleven kills him. Eleven can’t go through with it and throws Kali’s gun aside when she tries to finish the job. Eleven’s new sister tells her to never take her choice to commit revenge away from her again.

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Back the warehouse, the police storm the Outcast’s makeshift home. Kali uses her powers of persuasion to convince the cops no one is inside. As they make a run for the car outside, there’s a firefight. Kali throws up a giant wall and the group pile into the van. Eleven hesitates after she’s been shown two visions of both Mike and Hopper desperately needing help. Kali keeps trying to convince her the two sisters belong together; it’s how their mother would have wanted it. Eleven tells Kali her friends need her, and she’s the only one who can save them.

Eleven leaves Chicago the way she came; by bus. When a kind woman asks Eleven where she’s going, Eleven says she’s going home to her friends.