Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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7. Barb disappears

Both Barb and Nancy seemed really cool to me right off the bat because they represented another side of nerdiness. You know, they were bookish and studied really hard. And I liked that they were dedicated to their grades. Plus, Barb drove a VW Rabbit, which is just the epitome of awesome in my book. But as Nancy departs from this in favor of hanging out with Steve and pursuing monsters, Barb stuck to her convictions.

But she paid the price for this. Her commitment to Nancy and the fact that she didn’t fit in with the rest of the group ultimately led to her death. She couldn’t shotgun a beer (not everyone can) and that’s fine. Things didn’t get worse until she went out to sit by the pool with an open wound. Why didn’t Barb go home? Nancy. Why didn’t Barb stay inside? She’s too awkward for shelter, apparently.

So the monster drags her into the Upside Down, but it doesn’t end there. We get to see her on the inside. We get to experience the terror as she realizes she’s about to die and there’s no way out. Of course, Nancy feels guilty after that. Barb died a horrible death while she was getting laid. It ain’t right.

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