Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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6. Will communicates through the lights

Aside from the fascination, everyone has with Winona Ryder, she came out of nowhere with this role as Joyce Byers, the hardworking, single mother of Jonathan and Will. And I don’t just mean because it had been a while since audiences saw her doing anything on a scale like that.

But as Joyce Byers, Ryder brought a specific paradigm to Stranger Things. On one hand, she was a paranoid and frantic mother trying to find her son. At some points, it looked like she was devolving into episodes of Schizophrenia. However, as the show went on, she proved to be the most dedicated member of the cast as each of her theories are proved true.

And the first incontestable argument she provided was how Will communicated through the lights. Even though everyone was left to discern whether she was crazy or not, we know she wasn’t because of the flickering lights and burnt light bulbs. With each episode, Will’s ability gets stronger until his mother goes out and hangs Christmas lights on the wall — something I would’ve never thought to do. Nor would I be so gung-ho to vandalize my own living room.

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