Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

8. Holly’s weird connection to whatever

Stranger Things, as awesome as the first season was, didn’t put together an entire picture. For the most part, it just gave us snippets of the bigger story and left us waiting for answers for an entire year.

Of course, everyone wants to see Eleven again. And both Nancy and Mike Wheeler proved to be very competent citizens of Hawkins. However, I suspect there’s something going on with Holly Wheeler, their younger sister as well. Every time she’s around, I get the sense that she’s noticing something else in the room, like some sort of toddler intuition.

This is best demonstrated when she goes to Joyce’s house, ventures into Will’s room and meets the monster in the wall. If the monster is drawn to blood, why did it visit Holly? Did it see her as an easy target because she’s a child, similar to why it chose Will? Or did Holly call to it instead?

While there are several theories guessing what the monster is really is, one of them considers it a monster looking for her child, kind of in the same way Jane Ives was looking for her child and Joyce looked for Will. If that’s true in any sense, it would make sense for it to try and collect Holly. Even if for some sort of monster alt-protective reasons. But also, why didn’t Holly freak out when she saw it? She got alarmed when someone banged the table. Yet, she sees something crawling out of the wall and she’s just like, “Alright”? What’s up with that?

Chapter 3: Holly, Jolly