Stranger Things 2 trailer: A shadow grows over Hawkins (Video)

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /

The final trailer for Stranger Things 2 is here, and Will and his visions are the main focus. Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix on Oct. 27. Watch the trailer now!

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It’s Friday the 13th, and there’s a new Stranger Things 2 trailer!

Netflix and Stranger Things shared a teaser on Thursday, Oct. 12, announcing the trailer would be released, and it’s everything we have been waiting for.

Will and his visions of a shadow taking over Hawkins are the focus of the new trailer. We also get a decent dose of some of our other favorite characters including Eleven. Will, however, appears to be the catalyst to this season. His visions of a monster destroying Hawkins are becoming more frequent and detailed. As it turns out, it appears these visions may be foreshadowing what’s to come. How will the Hawkins Heroes stop this Shadow Monster?

Her name is Eleven, and she’s back from the Upside Down. She is not, however, back with the gang. In this trailer, like the first, we only see Eleven by herself.

All the main characters have been featured in the new trailer, and we also get a few glimpses of some of the new main characters, including Max (Sadie Sink) and Bob Newby (Sean Astin). As it should, the trailer raises more questions after seeing the earlier trailers.

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We have shared the full trailer below!

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Unfortunately, this trailer is the final full trailer we’ll see before the premiere of Stranger Things 2 on Friday, Oct. 27, or at least that’s what we’ve read. That brings the total full trailer count to two. The first full trailer for Stranger Things 2 was released during San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July.

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We still have two weeks to wait until the new season is available. Netflix and Stranger Things will still be rolling out tons of promotional content for the series. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing ads during popular sporting events starting very soon. The whole world is about to get “stranger” in two weeks. We hope you will be on board!

Stranger Things is easily one of the best Netflix original shows ever made, and it also ranks in the top 15 on the list of the best TV shows on Netflix.

Check back in for more Stranger Things news, predictions and so much more in the days leading up to the premiere of the new season.