Stranger Things 2 episode titles: What do they mean?

Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix /

A new video from Stranger Things revealed the episode titles for the nine new episodes coming on Oct. 27.

Stranger Things month continues as we wait for the Oct. 27 premiere of Stranger Things 2. On Monday, the Emmy-winning Netflix Original series revealed a new trailer that showed the episode titles for the nine new episodes that are part of the sequel series. We already knew the episode titles in July when the show gave us this short teaser video that didn’t explicitly say they were the episode titles, but they are the episode titles.

Below you can watch the teaser that is only going to stoke your excitement for the nine new episodes, so be prepared to have a craving to binge-watch Stranger Things after watching.

Stranger Things 2 Episode Titles

  • Episode 1 – Madmax
  • Episode 2- Trick or Treat Freek
  • Episode 3 – The Pollywog
  • Episode 4- Will The Wise
  • Episode 5 – Dig Dug
  • Episode 6 – The Spy
  • Episode 7 – TBA – Rumored episode title – The Secret Cabin
  • Episode 8 – TBA – Rumored episode title – The Brain
  • Episode 9 – TBA – Rumored episode title – The Lost Brother

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So what do these episode titles mean? Well, that’s a loaded question and we won’t really understand until we can watch them on Oct. 27, but let’s have some fun and speculate what they could mean.

I don’t think the premiere is going to be about escaping Thunderdome, rather, it could be a nice episode to introduce a new character, Max, played by Sadie Sink. She is in the same grade as the boys and we’ll want to learn more about her backstory and how she fits in with this new group.

We know the season takes place around Halloween as shown in promotional photos that see the boys dressed as Ghostbusters and in teasers that showed them trick or treating with a cameo from Max. Who’s the freak though? Could it be a new character, Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery?

The pollywog sounds like it’ll be intense. A pollywog is a tadpole. This makes me think it’ll deal with that slug/tadpole-looking thing that Will coughed up in the season 1 finale. He was in the bathroom and coughed up that thing and it appeared like there was a brief flashback to the Upside Down. Is this thing growing somewhere in the pipes in Hawkins, Indiana? What does it want?

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Will the wise, clearly sounds like Will be the focus, and this could be when he spirals out of control and starts seeing the shadow monster everywhere and draws the likeness to the point of madness.

I’m not too sure what Dig Dug could refer to, other than it was a popular arcade game in the 80s with the object for Dig Dug character to destroy monsters who travel by digging tunnels in the dirt. Could this be a reference to Hopper going back to the Upside Down to destroy a new monster?

The spy sounds rather ominous and it could refer to one of the new cast members, possibly Paul Reiser who plays Dr. Owens. He’s more or less replacing Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) who was last seen getting attacked by the Demogorgon in the school before Eleven destroyed it to a million pieces. Could he be the spy overlooking the people of Hawkins as their lab tries to clean up their mess from season 1?

We’ll save the speculation for the three last episodes until we get official confirmation what they’re titled. But let’s hear from you, what do you think the Stranger Things 2 episode titles mean?