Will Ferrell's road trip documentary Will & Harper coming to Netflix

Will Ferrell and his best friend, who has recently transitioned, go on a cross-country road trip of discovery in the new documentary, Will & Harper, coming to Netflix soon! Here's all we know about its release!
2024 Sundance Film Festival - "Will & Harper" Premiere
2024 Sundance Film Festival - "Will & Harper" Premiere / Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

After receiving a standing ovation and causing a buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, get ready for a dose of laughter, heart, and a cross-country adventure with the iconic Will Ferrell! Will & Harper, a highly critically acclaimed documentary featuring the comedic mastermind and his best friend, Harper Steele, has been acquired by Netflix!

Directed by the talented Josh Greenbaum (known for Strays, The Short Game, and Border Patrol) the film takes us on a rollercoaster road trip as Will Ferrell and Harper Steele, his friend of three decades who has recently embraced her true self by transitioning, rekindle their friendship. The official synopsis, as per Netflix, reads:

"When Will Ferrell finds out his close friend of 30 years is coming out as a trans woman, the two decide to embark on a cross-country road trip to process this new stage of their relationship in an intimate portrait of friendship, transition, and America."


If you're curious about the upcoming debut and want to learn more about its release, you're in the right place! Join us below as we unravel the details of its Netflix release and spill some tea about the documentary that is sure to be your next binge-watch obsession!

So without further ado, let's dive in!

When is Will & Harper coming to Netflix?

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The eagerly awaited documentary, Will & Harper, described as "a movie about the power of friendship and acceptance," has yet to receive an official release date on Netflix.

The suspense surrounding its debut is pretty understandable, given the recent announcement of Netflix's acquisition, rumored to be a substantial eight-figure deal, at the beginning of February 2024.

As a result, fans will need to exercise a bit more patience, but fear not --Will & Harper is anticipated to hit the streaming platform later this year. Make sure to check back for any news or updates on when exactly Will & Harper will be available on Netflix!

What have the filmmakers said about Will & Harper?

Josh Greenbaum, Harper Steele, Will Ferrell
2024 Sundance Film Festival - "Will & Harper" Premiere / Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

Will & Harper has been highly praised by critics for its portrayal of friendship and the transgender experience. But what have the filmmakers said about the upcoming documentary?

Lucky for us, Netflix recently shared a direct quote from them, which showed their excitement for the documentary's warm reception and its acquisition by the streaming giant. The filmmakers expressed their happiness, stating:

"We are thrilled about how audiences received the movie with open arms at Sundance. It’s a movie about the power of friendship and acceptance, that we hope can help shift the culture, and so we are excited to have a partner in Netflix that has the ability to reach the largest possible audience worldwide."


The brains behind this gem include Rafael Marmor, Will Ferrell, and Jessica Elbaum from Gloria Sanchez Productions, alongside Josh Greenbaum and Christopher Leggett as Producers. The Executive Producers lineup boasts the talents of Justin Baldoni, Andrew Calof, Jamey Heath, and Steve Sarowitz from Wayfarer Studios. Samantha Apfel and Carolina Barlow also join the production as co-producers.

What has Will Ferrell said about the documentary?

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Sundance Film Festival, Will Ferrell and Harper Steele, took a pit stop at The Hollywood Reporter's studios to spill the beans on their latest cinematic venture, Will & Harper. During the interview, the actor and former SNL writer dive into the nitty-gritty of their cross-country escapade, sharing anecdotes about the colorful characters they encountered along the way.

They also plunge into the behind-the-scenes magic of how this documentary came to life. Will Ferrell, in his signature wit, revealed that while he didn't want to "exploit" his friendship with Steele, he saw this journey as a "wonderful way to explore" the intricacies of her transition. The documentary becomes a platform for Ferrell to candidly "ask all the questions" bubbling within him about his friend's new way of life.

Watch the duo's entertaining interview with The Hollywood Reporter below:

Will & Harper coming soon to Netflix!

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