Is Strays starring Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell on Netflix? (where to watch)

(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.
(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum. /

We can smell the fresh popcorn already! Strays starring Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell is now out, so It’s time to take yourself to the movie theater to see it. But is this movie also available to stream on Netflix? Find out below.

Strays is a comedy film helmed by Josh Greenbaum from a screenplay written by Dan Perrault. Greenbaum is known for directing episodes for the TV shows New GirlFresh Off the Boat and Single Parents. In addition, Perrault is known as the co-creator of the mockumentary TV shows American Vandal and Players.

We first learned of this movie when Universal acquired rights to it in May 2021. It was initially scheduled to be released in theaters in June 2023, but its release was pushed back to August. The reason for the delay was rumored to be because of the writer’s strike. Although the writer’s strike is still ongoing and the actors’ strike is also going on, Universal Pictures decided not to delay the movie’s release again. Now, tons of people are headed to the theaters to watch it.

Strays follows an abandoned Border Terrier named Reggie, who teams up with other strays to get revenge on the animal-hating owner who never wanted him. But who voices Reggie? What about the other stray dogs? We shared who’s in the cast and more below.

Strays synopsis: What is Strays about?

Here’s the official synopsis via the official Universal Pictures website:

"When Reggie (Will Ferrell), a naïve, relentlessly optimistic Border Terrier, is abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife owner, Doug (Will Forte; The Last Man on Earth, Nebraska), Reggie is certain that his beloved owner would never leave him on purpose.But once Reggie falls in with a fast-talking, foul-mouthed Boston Terrier named Bug (Oscar® winner Jamie Foxx), a stray who loves his freedom and believes that owners are for suckers, Reggie finally realizes he was in a toxic relationship and begins to see Doug for the heartless sleazeball that he is.Determined to seek revenge, Reggie, Bug and Bug’s pals—Maggie (Isla Fisher; Now You See Me, Wedding Crashers), a smart Australian Shepherd who has been sidelined by her owner’s new puppy, and Hunter (Randall Park; Always Be My Maybe, Aquaman), an anxious Great Dane who’s stressed out by his work as an emotional support animal—together hatch a plan and embark on an epic adventure to help Reggie find his way home … and make Doug pay by biting off the appendage he loves the most. (Hint: It’s not his foot)."

Strays cast: Who voices the characters in Strays?

As mentioned above, Award-winning actors Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell star in the comedy film. Will Ferrell voices the protagonist, Reggie, while Jamie Foxx voices one of the strays that Reggie meets, Bug. Bug is a street-savvy Boston Terrier.

Here are more cast members and the characters they voice/play:

  • Will Forte as Doug
  • Isla Fisher as the voice of Maggie
  • Randall Park as the voice of Hunter
  • Josh Gad as the voice of Gus
  • Harvey Guillén as the voice of Shitstain
  • Rob Riggle as the voice of Rolf
  • Brett Gelman as Willy
  • Jamie Demetriou as the voice of Chester
  • Sofía Vergara as the voice of Deliliah the Couch
  • Dennis Quaid as himself

Is Strays on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the comedy film is not available to stream on Netflix. However, there’s a chance it could come to the streaming platform in the future if Netflix acquires streaming rights. That’s just not the case at the moment. For now, you’ll have to look elsewhere to watch this movie.

Where to watch Strays

As of Aug. 18, the only place where you can watch Strays is at the movie theater. However, it’ll most likely make its way to the streaming service Peacock once its theatrical window ends. We’ve seen this happen recently with other Universal Pictures movies such as M3GAN and Cocaine Bear. But keep in mind that you’ll have to have a subscription to Peacock to gain access to the film once its lands on the streaming platform.

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