Where to watch Floribama Shore seasons 3 and 4 (since they're not on Netflix)

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MTV is known for having aired some of the best reality TV shows. We're talking about The Real World, Catfish, Teen Mom, The Challenge, My Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach, The Hills etc. And you can't forget the show Floribama Shore, which aired on the popular TV network for four seasons before ending its run. The first two seasons of the reality series are currently streaming on Netflix, but where can you watch seasons 3 and 4? Find out below.

The first season premiered on MTV back in November 2017, followed by a second season in 2018, a third season in 2019, and a fourth and final season in 2021. The show begins with a group of eight young adults, all from the South, who spend the summer together, living it up and partying in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach. The cast was made up of Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios.

The first two seasons were set in Panama City Beach, with season 3 taking place in St. Pete Beach, and season 4 in multiple locations such as Missoula, Montana, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and Athens, Georgia. The reason for the many location changes in Floribama Shore season 4 was because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the plug was pulled, and the reality show was reportedly canceled back in August 2022. Although the reason for the cancellation was never revealed, low ratings are believed to have been the main factor. But regardless of what happened to this show, it will forever be one of MTV's best reality series.

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Where to stream Floribama Shore

As mentioned above, Floribama Shore seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix. However, you will not find the third or fourth season on the streaming platform. Could these seasons come to Netflix in the future? Sure, but the streamer will have to acquire streaming rights first. Since that's not the case at the moment, you'll have to stream those seasons elsewhere for now.

The streaming home for Floribama Shore seasons 3 and 4 is Paramount+. In fact, you can stream the entire series on this streaming platform. But keep in mind that you'll have to have a subscription to gain access.

Paramount+ has two subscription plans: Paramount+ Essential (with ads) and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME (ad-free). Paramount+ Essential is $5.99/month or $59.99/year before tax, while the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan is $11.99/month or $119.99/year before tax.

You also have the option to purchase individual episodes or complete seasons digitally through Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, or Apple TV.

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