Vikings: Valhalla season 3 premieres on Netflix in July

The final chapter of Vikings: Valhalla drops this summer. Get the release date and watch the trailer for season 3!
Vikings Valhalla. Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson in episode 301 of Vikings Valhalla. Cr. Bernard Walsh/Netflix © 2024
Vikings Valhalla. Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson in episode 301 of Vikings Valhalla. Cr. Bernard Walsh/Netflix © 2024 /

Get ready to say your goodbyes to your favorite viking show on Netflix. The streaming service has officially set a release date for the third and final season of Vikings: Valhalla. On June 12, the streamer announced season 3 will be released on Thursday, July 11. There's not much time left to wait to see how it all ends. That's just a month away from the announcement!

It's been over one year since the second season of Vikings: Valhalla was released in January 2023, and that season premiered less than one year after the show initially debuted in February 2022. Like the two previous seasons, the final season will also contain eight total episodes, meaning the series will have ran for 24 episodes total (that's one season of television on broadcast).

Along with the release date announcement, Netflix also unveiled the full official trailer for season 3. The trailer begins by posing the question of what makes a king successful and explaining the types of strength one must possess to hold power. Elsewhere in the two-and-a-half minute preview, the final battles and power moves are teased for the fight to the finish.

Check out the trailer in the video below!

According to the final season's synopsis provided by Netflix, season 3 takes place seven years after the events of the season 2 finale and finds our trio of heroes in different places. In order to achieve their "ultimate destiny," they will to face even more challenges and fight in a few more battles to complete their heroic adventures. Although, will those ever truly stop?

Read the Vikings: Valhalla season 3 synopsis via Netflix:

"Set in the early 11th century, VIKINGS: VALHALLA chronicles the heroic adventures of some of the most famous Vikings who ever lived, Leif Eriksson, his sister, Freydis and the Norwegian prince Harald Sigurdsson. Season Three finds our heroes seven years after the conclusion of Season Two. Freydis is now the undisputed leader of pagan Jomsborg, and Leif and Harald have achieved glory in Constantinople. But greater challenges lie ahead in order for each to reach their ultimate destiny."

It's so exciting that Vikings: Valhalla is finally making its return for one last season this summer. As much as fans held onto hope that Netflix would have released the final run earlier in the year, the streamer announcing the release date and dropping the trailer only one month ahead of the big release decreases additional wait time. Isn't that a great surprise?! An epic Vikings: Valhalla finale right in the middle of summer. Don't miss the series' conclusion on July 11.

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