Tyler Perry's Mea Culpa parent guide: Is the Netflix film appropriate for kids?

Mea Culpa. Kelly Rowland as Mea in Mea Culpa. Cr. Bob Mahoney / Perry Well Films 2 / Courtesy of Netflix
Mea Culpa. Kelly Rowland as Mea in Mea Culpa. Cr. Bob Mahoney / Perry Well Films 2 / Courtesy of Netflix /

Mea Culpa is the talk of the town for being a Netflix film that is just as controversial as it is juicy.

The 2024 title follows the life of Mea (played by Kelly Rowland), a talented lawyer whose career is put to the test when she agrees to take on a murder case. Her client, Zyair (Trevante Rhodes), is accused of killing his girlfriend in cold blood, meaning Mea is going to have to put one hell of a case together to keep him away from jail.

But this is easier said than done when work and play mix together!

Amid court hearings and several meetings, Mea and Zyair develop raunchy feelings for one another, barely being able to keep their hands to themselves. And while they may be having fun, they both know that they're walking a line that may only end in broken hearts and broken promises.

See all this and more in the official trailer for Mea Culpa below!

Now that you know a little more about what to expect, you can finally join in on the hundreds of thousands of Netflix users streaming this film. But before you (and other Tyler Perry fans) tune in, here's the age rating for the title!

Is Tyler Perry's Mea Culpla friendly?

As we alluded to, our protagonists Mea and Zyair have a very steamy relationship that definitely spices up over time. Having this in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Mea Culpa is currently rated R (or Restricted).

This R rating means that those who are under 17 years of age are not permitted to watch, as it would be highly inappropriate for minors to witness scenes featuring sex, strong language, nudity, and violence. The title also has some drug usage displayed, making it even more of a risk for younger audiences to view.

By all means, Mea Culpa must remain a show that only mature audiences view. But if you aren't a fan of this 2024 title yet still want to watch something similar you're in luck!

Family friendly Netflix films like Mea Culpa

Outside of the steamy sexual scenes, one thing that captivates audiences about Mea Culpa is the interesting drama at the center of it all!

Did Zyair kill his girlfriend? Will Mea's unprofessional behavior ever be found out? What will Mea do if Zyair is found guilty? There's nothing like a good suspensful story! That's why we have handpicked a few Netflix films that will also have you hanging on to the edge of your seats.

Here are some family-friendly titles similar to Mea Culpa:

  • Murder Mystery (2019)
  • Fatal Affair (2020)
  • Brazen (2022)
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)
  • The Gray Man (2022)

Hopefully, these titles will be perfect replacements for Mea Culpa. There's only one way to find out!

Head to Netflix to stream all these amazing titles! Also, stay tuned with Netflix Life to find out when the next spicy legal drama is coming to the streaming service!

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